Invest in small businesses. Support the Evanston community.

Your individual contribution makes all the difference.

LEND was established during the depths of the 2008 recession, with the vision of supporting aspiring local entrepreneurs.  While small businesses may be considered the economic engines of our communities, their inability to access credit can hinder them from even opening their doors.  We believe that by investing in local economic development, we can help build a more vibrant, secure Evanston community.

As demand for LEND’s loans and services grows, we must continue growing our capital base.  However, LEND is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit entity that depends on the generosity of donors to increase our capability to serve the Evanston community.


Please consider making a donation today via the link below.

Your donation fuels a sustainable model, enabling long-term, compounding impact.

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LEND is built upon a sustainable model of compounding capital.  As loans are paid back, we reissue that capital in the form of new loans.  Thus, your contribution of any amount today will touch numerous lives and have a compounding impact in the community for years to come!